A downloadable endless arcade game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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AETER is an arcade survival shooting racing game. Fight your way through waves of enemies, make strategic use of limited pick-up abilities and the environment and, of course, don't die!
How long will you be able to survive?


The game is played with Mouse and Keyboard. The controls are easy to learn and intuitive.
Check the in-game Menu for the full set-up.


AETER is a project that was developed for the Virtual Reality course of the Politecnico di Torino (a.y. 2019/2020), with us being Group 6.

The developers are:

·        Gravile Andrea

·        Lupini Gianmario

·        Picardi Alessandro

·        Scarrone Francesca

·        Terzuolo Simone


Unity Engine


Brackeys' tutorials

Particle Systems


Volumetric Lines 


Audio SFX


📧 E-mail: idont.studio@gmail.com

Feel free to leave a comment or contact us with your feedback!


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AETER_Windows.zip 61 MB
AETER_Mac.zip 62 MB
AETER_Linux.zip 65 MB


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Awesome game! You made our top five list this week of you're interested!

Thank you very much for playing our game! Your suggestions are very welcomed and quite interesting; we will surely take them into account for future updates. Stay tuned!


I really liked this new game, simple and very addictive. Go on like this!

Thanks a lot!


After playing Aeter to which the game is challenging, but engaging. But, I do have a few suggestions based on the feedback mostly the controls. If you can change the movement to the arrow keys and change the fire to the space bar and turbo to the “X” key. I hope these suggestions help your game.

Hey there Art Ink Studios! Thank you for reaching us.

The solution you proposed is indeed more Arcade-wise, but in our case that can't be implemented due to the fact that you need a hand on the mouse too, to aim. For this reason we preferred choosing controls on the left side of the keyboard.
We will think about considering a different input set-up involving Arrow Keys in the future, so don't forget to check once in a while!

Thank you for your feedback and for playing our game!

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No problem and best of luck.


Truly recommend this one! I was looking for a cool arcade game and this is just on point :D I love this game, it's super entertaining!

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Thanks! We appreciate the support!